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The Border Collie Support Scheme (BCSS) is without doubt the source of the most vital financial support we receive. Of course donations for the collies we rehome, one off donations from supporters, fundraising and collie shop sales are all vital to our existence but none of them can ever be guaranteed and we have no way of budgeting for the everyday expenditure of heating, electricity, food, vet bills etc from these unknowns.

The BCSS provides regular monthly income to ensure we have the funds to continue our work.

With a regular monthly donation by Direct Debit or Standing Order you can help towards, for example our
£1000 a month vet bill
£400 - £500 a month transport costs
£500 a month food bill
£200 - £300 a month electricity bill.

These are just some of the costs we have to meet and whilst careful monitored, are vital to the well being of the dogs in our care.

As a member of BCSS you are helping to provide that care.

In return you will receive a letter of thanks and certificate and during your time as a member of BCSS you will automatically receive Border Collie World, our quarterly magazine and of course the unspoken thanks of the 30 to 40 dogs in our care at any one time.

You can donate by Direct Debit following the link below

Donate by Direct Debit


Or if you would prefer to download a Standing Order and join the scheme click here

If you have any questions about the scheme please email us or phone our office Monday to Friday on
01889 577058