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We are delighted to stock and receive support from Logan Whistles. A family business that has been designing and making sheepdog whistles in the UK for decades - which now sell all over the world.

Logan Whistles are famous for their quality and a range of sounds that dogs can hear even at long distance, out of sight of the handler, or in difficult weather conditions. They are crafted with care using the highest quality materials, precision made avoiding joins or rivets and then hand finished to produce the very best sound. These shepherd's whistles are perfect for the working herding and sheepdog, to give an edge at sheepdog trials or to help all dog breeds hear and respond to their handler. For more information about the range of whistles see below or visit their website.

How to use a Logan Whistle
Logan Sheepdog Whistles:

00004 A1 00005 A1 Black 00006 A1 BC 00007 Delta Delrin 00008 Supreme Brass 00009 Turbo 00010 Logan 304 Leather Lanyard


A1 - One of their best-sellers as it is versatile, lightweight and like all their whistles, perfect for all dog breeds. Precision engineered from a solid piece of high grade anodised aluminium – no rivets or joins. Perfect as an everyday dog whistle – or when you just need to be heard! Supreme - Carefully designed and precision engineered from a solid piece of brass to create a 'musical instrument' that offers a great range of sound – from soft deep tones to loud sharp commands instantly recognizable to the dog and easy to distinguish
A1 BLACK - their classic anodized aluminium A1 whistle now in black with the option of a classic collie stance engraved on one side at no extra cost.> Turbo - Carefully designed and precision engineered from a solid piece of high-grade brass, this unique two-hole design creates a deeper tone which can be heard clearly at distance in very challenging conditions - such as in fog, wind, hilly or forested terrain.
Delta Delrin - Made from a new modern polymer, Delrin, which is the material of choice for precision machined applications where performance is critical – even at extreme temperatures. Good sound and extremely tactile with a lovely silky texture. Perfect precision whistle for very cold or very hot climates – or if you just don't want a metal whistle! Logan 304 (Stainless steel) - Their very latest whistle launched at the World Sheep Dog Trials 2014. Precision machined from high quality stainless steel and hand finished.
A new shape to optimise the sound projection, giving great tone and high volume. An easy to blow whistle with looks to kill!