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As you look through the details you will notice that each dog is coded Green, Yellow or Blue. The colour code shown should help in identifying a dog to suit your experience but do discuss any dog which interests you.

Please remember that the assessments we offer are based on any history that we may be aware of and the behaviour we see here at the centre. Once in a home that behaviour may change due to many reasons and the changes the dog has endured may also affect their behaviour. It is very important that you allow a new dog to overcome as much of the stress it is under during the early period. Being exposed to lots of new experiences too quickly can often lead to an increase of this stress and then associated problem behaviours often surface.


Colour Coding Key

GREEN - Generally a well balanced dog who, we believe, from the history or assessments should settle relatively easily in most homes, obviously with the possibility of some collie traits and behaviours.

YELLOW - A dog usually suited for those with some experience of dog ownership, may be shy or wary or have medical health issues (eg epilepsy, diabetes) that require some degree of owner intervention.

BLUE - A dog who has a history of, or has displayed a higher degree of problem behaviour. The reasons for this can be varied. Generally fairly experienced homes only with no young children on a regular basis but again this is dependant on all the circumstances. These dogs will certainly require time, patience and compassion but can be a very rewarding experience