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The following are just a small selection of some of the many emails and letters we have received over the last few years and demonstrate the effect your help and support can have in offering hope, care and a new life to the 400 to 500 collies we rescue every year.


"I would like congratulate you all on a fantastic set up. Even though it was busy everyone was given the individual attention they needed. I was really impressed at the sensitive way that Pip dealt with a lady needing to hand her dog (Martha) over to you. Daisy who I adopted from you is settling quickly into her new homeand surroundings. Keep up the good work.


"I would just like to thank the staff for the way we were treated and informed on our visit on Saturday 7th September. We are very pleased with our choice of dog Finn who already feels like a member of the family. We have no issues so far he is a friendly loving dog and very obedient, no barking or other issues that was raised against him. I have attached some photos of my new best friend and will keep you updated on his progress. Once again thank you it has been a pleasure."


"Border Collie Trust is excellent. Really prompt to respond to e-mails, website very up to date, helpful (before and after re-homing and supportive after re-homing. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you."


"I recently joined your fundraising via the direct debit scheme. I received your welcome pack just a few days ago, and I wanted to say thank you so much - I love the magazine and Ollie the Collie is brilliant and the sticker will brighten up my land rover window and hopefully be seen by many here on Kintyre. I support various charities on a regular basis by direct debit; your organisation is the only one that has sent me such a lovely welcome pack - that is a very nice gesture and a brilliant idea to keep loyalty."


"We re homed Jack on 13th March 2011. He is 2 years old today. He has made such a wonderful difference to our lives as I hope we have to his. I attach a photo of him taken on Saturday. You can see he has made himself very much at home. Thank you again for introducing us and for all the wonderful work you do."


"We recently came to visit the Border Collie Trust on our way further north. It's very difficult to get a good impression online and it was great to see everything first hand and see what a wonderful job you are all doing. Our purpose was to hopefully meet our sponsor dog, Pepper. She was due to visit that day but hadn't yet arrived so we were shown around the kennels and asked if we would like to take Nell (another sponsor dog) for a walk. He was such a lovely boy and we enjoyed our time with him. We were then told that Pepper had arrived and would we like to meet her. She is so like our collie we miss so much. She has such a gentle and friendly nature. We took pictures and could have spent the whole day with her except that we were aware of the fact that you have work to do!"


"We have now returned to our home in Spain, but are so pleased that we decided to sponsor a collie and have had the opportunity to meet her."


"Thank you and we wish you all the best in the exellent work you do."


"We came and collected 'Corrie' from the Trust yesterday. I am delighted to say she has adopted us with no problems travelling home (loves the car) clean in the house, and as a bonus she's obedient."


"I would like to compliment the trust on their staff. The young man (sadly his name escapes me) who assisted us in our choice had a most professional approach and made sure we understood every point. It was particularly good to see the love between the dog and this lad, it's absolutely clear your dogs receive a high degree of attention.We had been looking for a Border Collie quite a while before finding your web site. We had visited several kennels in that time but by far yours is without doubt the best we had seen."


"I will add he is a joy to have, he was a bit skittish for the first couple of weeks but once he learnt to trust us he has been great. So with great thanks to you for letting us have Chesney and trust us, he is being loved that much he is now a member of our family and could not imagine life without him."


"I want to thank your fabulous staff for their patience and kindness. When we did not find a special dog on our first visit they were understanding and no one seemed to mind . When we saw Taffy we just knew!! On Saturday we arrived at just past eleven -- the traffic was awful but, very kindly, we were sorted with our dog. Thank you to everyone who helped us and who gave their advice and time. We will send you photos as soon as we have persuaded Taffy to look at the camera!!"


"I'd also like to take the opportunity to say what a great job we think you do there. As vets with a gang of collies ourselves, we come across a lot of patients, clients and fellow agility people who've had some kind of involvement with rescue organisations and charities. In contrast to some of the bigger or better known ones, you always seem to have such a good way of working, and approach to the whole business."


"He is a lively and affectionate animal. He is beautiful to watch and so intelligent – you only have to tell him something once – and he remembers. He is great with our kids."


"We are so glad that we were able to adopt Oskar – thank you for choosing us to own him. We’ll bring him back to see you sometime – we may need to board him at your kennels but we’re waiting until he is really secure and confident."


"He is making himself at home and now seems to be a lot more relaxed. He is very well behaved (well,mainly !) and I think we may have cracked the house training business in the past two days,he is starting to use the same places in the garden for his toilet."


"He is a lovely, gentle dog. He is gaining confidence every day. He gives us lots of pleasure."


"Hi there, on the 27th of last month I came over to your rescue and took home scrooge, well I thought I'd let you know that he's really settled in very well in a short space of time, hes got a great character, extremely well behaved and my worry of my cat is over as they both get on like a house on fire."


"I want you to know that we are very impressed with the Border Collie Trust and the excellent work that you do. I also want to thank you for the kindness and friendliness that you and everyone there showed us on our visit."


"You may recall I phoned you and you gave me some very welcome advice on what to do. I thought I would send a quick email to thank you for your help during that difficult time, I have to say I was very tempted to put him in the car and bring him back to you, but instead our daughter was very brave and did what you suggested and we have had no problems since."


"Thank you for your reply. By far the best response I have received from any of the re-homing centres I have contacted. Great information and not a "cut and pasted" reply with some good points."