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Please read on for an explanation of our rehoming process which has changed as from July 2021.

Very often we are asked what is the procedure when visiting our rescue centre and how the system for rehoming a dog takes place - so we hope the below helps. Of course this should only be seen as a guide, each prospective new owner and their individual circumstances may require a slightly different approach. The answers to some specific questions can be found in the Question & Answer section and we would recommend you read these as they do highlight certain parts of our rehoming procedure that are important, for example regarding all members of the family coming to meet a new dog and certain polices regarding rehoming to a home with an un-neutered dog, for those living in rented accomodation, and visiting with other dogs and children.

Details of the dogs we have available can be found from links on the Rehoming Page, these are always up to date and we would ask that you read each dogs description carefully to ensure that you understand the dog's needs, but also that your own circumstances are suitable for that particular dog. It's important to accept the highly complicated nature of many collies whose behaviours are driven in a way similar to autism and other similar conditions seen in humans. The time and patience required, especially in the early stages of adoption cannot be underestimated.

If you are interested in a particular dog then the first step is to complete our Online Adoption Form These are reviewed on a daily basis by our Adoptions Team and we will then contact you to discuss further if we feel you are a good match. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an automated acknowldgement, if it doesn't appear in your inbox soon after submission do check your spam folder.

We receive Adoption Forms on a regular basis so allow some time. Please don't feel offended if we don't contact you, we know the vast majority of applicants would provide a good home for the right dog but often receive many applications for each dog. We are unable to keep in touch with everyone who applies unfortunately.

If you live in rented property, we will need written confirmation from your landlord that you have permission to own a dog in the property. This can be attached to the Adoptions Form when completing it. We must have received this prior to any visit. We will also ask for some type of address verification such as a Driving Licence or Utility Bill, so please remember to bring something with you.

Having completed the Online Adoption Form we will retain your application until such time as you ask us to delete your details. Do keep an eye on the website and if you see another dog, at any time, that you would be interested in adopting then simply email with your name, post code and the dogs name you are interested in. We will then consider you for that dog.

Should your application be taken to the next stage we will contact you to discuss all the information we have regarding the dog and answer any questions you may have. If you wish to proceed we will then email all the information we have for the dog and reserved him/her in your name making an appointment for you to visit the centre to meet staff and of course the dog in question. From that point the process depends very much on each situation.

It may be necessary, or you may wish, to keep the reservation on the dog and visit again before the adoption process is completed. This will be discussed with you. At any stage during the process if you have any questions or doubts please do ask or contact us.

Before visiting do read the About Us Page which provides all the information to get to us. On arrival please introduce yourself at Reception, which is in the kennel block on the left as you walk from the car park. If there is no member of staff present in Reception they may be out walking dogs. Please note we do not allow visitors to wander around the kennels as the disruption in the corridors not only causes some dogs to become over excited but interrupts staff duties and responsibilities.

You will notice in the Dogs For Rehoming section and also on the information at the centre that each dog has a coloured label. This was introduced to help identify dogs who need special care or handling within the centre but also helps visitors to be aware of the general experience level we feel is required. Do bear in mind this is only a general guide and does not always mean that someone of limited collie experience could not be considered for a certain dog.

You are then given the opportunity to spend some time with all or any of the selected dogs. We have extensive grounds which will allow you to spend sometime in the company of the dog (remaining on the lead at all times please). If you already have a dog in the household this is the time to introduce them to the prospective new addition.Therefore it's important to bring your dog with you on the visit. It allows the dogs to meet on neutral ground and if they don't get on straight away at least all involved will be aware. If you have children we would also ask that they be involved and present during your visit it will allow staff to ensure that the dog will not react in any way to the child and of course vice versa. We try to socialise all dogs during their time with us but we don't have children living on site and of course a dog may react differently to different dogs and children.

You are under no pressure to rush through this process as this is a very important step in the procedure, remember you may be taking on a responsibility for many years to come. It may be the case that the dogs is not suitable and we don't feel any others available ar suitable either. In that case we'd recommend keeping an eye on the website and if you need any more information we'll be happy to help.

We can only reiterate that you are under no pressure to take on a rescue dog, our staff will offer as much advice as they can. Assuming that our staff are satisfied that the dog you are interested in will fit in with your circumstances then the final decision to rehome a rescue dog of course rests with you. If you have any doubts, no matter how slight, we would rather you take time, if necessary away from the centre, considering all the matters before committing yourself.

If you still have some questions do take a look at the FAQ section but do feel free to contact us on 01889 577058 or of course email us.