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All the dogs we rehome are here at our centre in Staffordshire. 

It's important to accept the highly complicated nature of many collies whose behaviours are often driven in a way similar to autism and other neurodiverse conditions seen in humans. The time and patience required, especially in the early stages of adoption cannot be underestimated, please do be prepared, even if you've had one, two or ten collies before - you haven't had this one.

Please consider your own lifestyle and circumstances. Are you prepared for the challenges of a breed with those behaviours, that may or may not have been seen in a previous home or at our centre? Are you physically and mentally prepared for the frustrations that might arise in the first days and weeks? Collie ownership can be very special but as with many things in life can take a lot of hard work, please don't underestimate that and make sure you really are ready to adopt.

Still ready to adopt? Then please complete the Online Application To Adopt Form. This is the first step in the process.

The Application Forms are reviewed regularly by our Adoptions Team who will contact anyone they wish to discuss further with but please understand that we can't contact everyone who completes the form. That doesn't mean we don't want you to adopt but there can only be one new owner for each dog.

Do keep an eye on the website, and if you see another dog, at any time, that you would be interested in adopting then simply email with your name, post code and the dogs name you are interested in. We will then consider you for that dog.

Unfortunately we cannot make an appointment until The Adoptions Team contact you.

If you still have some questions do take a look at the FAQ section feel free to contact us on 01889 577058 (Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm) or of course email us.