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We now find that most days our phone, and email, are very busy with calls from prospective new owners and supporters but also collie owners looking for help and advice. These calls can be of a minor nature or some urgency due to a serious behavioural problem.

Rarely do we have sufficent personal knowledge of the dog and household concerned and without this "hands on" involvement it could be counterproductive and maybe even dangerous offering specific advice. In addition despite our experience with dogs, and of course collies, those of us dealing with phone calls are not qualified behaviourists. Having said that we will always try to help in any way we can, whether by suggesting simple things to try or usually by pointing the person towards the help needed which can be given by a qualified expert in that area.

There are many individuals and organisations offering training and/or behavioural advice and a search of the internet will find a confusing array of advice. Do take care before commiting to any type of course that the advice and skills you will be shown are not only in the best interests of your dog but also will suit his or her own individual needs - for example a dog who is nervous, scared or aggressive with other dogs may not benefit from being thrust into a class environment without careful assessement by the trainer/behaviourist beforehand.

If you have problems with a collie that you rehomed from BCT please contact our office on 01889 577058 Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. (The office is closed on Bank Holidays).

If you need help or advice about a collie you rehomed from elsewhere we would initially point you towards Carol, who may at least be able to provide details of someone who can help you personally:-

Training & Behaviour Adviser - Carol Illic
Web site: Canine Conundrums, Tel: 01952 410964, email:

A very interesting article - So What Is Your Collie Not Good At.....? gives a wonderful insight into the reasons for some collie behaviour.