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Of all the telephone calls we receive yours will be one of the main reasons people call us.

If you feel you need to rehome your collie (or collie cross) then we will do our best to help but we would ask you to read the following so you understand the various difficulties we face in helping you as quick as you would probably wish for.

If you adopted your dog from us, please call us on 01889 577058 Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm to discuss.  

We receive a number of calls and emails every day from individual owners who need to rehome their dog. Reasons can be varied from change of circumstances, relationship breakdown, allergies, bereavement as well as the problems owners are facing with the dog, such as being left for long hours and destruction being caused, aggression towards other dogs or people and of course quite simply that they didn't realise the time and effort needed to keep a collie happy both physically and mentally.

We also receive calls from other rescues where dogs need our help as they are unable to find suitable homes and more urgently where as strays the dogs time in kennels has ended and without a rescue to assist the dog/s will be put to sleep.

With all these calls being received a waiting list is very difficult to manage and so we have to act in order of priority. Obviously the dogs who are facing a very uncertain future through their situation and with no owner responsible for them have to be rescued quickly.

For dogs coming from their own homes we have to be able to find a new home for them. Dogs with serious behavioural problems, especially where aggression is involved are difficult to rehome. We do try to address problems dogs might have but are limited to how many we can work with at a time. Please remember that some problems will not be resolved by rehoming and you are asking someone else to try to help the dog. Ask yourself the question that faced with 30 collies to rehome from, of which 25 have no serious problems, would you choose a dog who shows a potential to bite strangers or shows serious aggression to other dogs?

If you wish to discuss rehoming your dog please telephone us Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm on 01889 577058. We will offer any advice we can to assist, even if only in the short term. Unfortunately due to the number of calls we receive, our ability to offer a place quickly depends on kennel space, arrangements that have already been made and behavioural issues your dog has.

Any place we offer will be at our centre in Staffordshire and we do ask that the owner themselves bring their dog to us so we can discuss in detail the dogs history and temperament. If you are unable to bring the dog to us, we would suggest you contact local rescues in your area.

In any event we ask that you complete our online form (link below) to advise us of your need to rehome your collie. We will retain the information and when we are in a position to offer a place we will contact you but please bear in mind it will all depend on kennel availability which is driven by the number and type of dogs we rehome and the dogs we are being asked to help. We are unable to give an idea of how long it will take to offer a place but age, behavioural issues, medical problems and the urgency of the need to rehome will all play a part together with all the other calls for help we are receiving.

We will do our best to help as soon as possible, however, since the latter part of 2022 and like most dog rescues we are finding oursleves receiving large numbers of request for help. We know people will be contacting many rescues and therefore if we have been unable to offer a place beforehand, we will keep details on a waiting list for two months. Please contact us before that period has passed if you wish us to retain your details otherwise we will delete them.

You must include the microchip details when completing the form so please make sure you have this to hand before starting. If the microchip is not registered in your name we will require written proof from the owner that they wish to relinquish the dog to us. We regret that forms not fully completed will not be able to be considered.

Due to the number of requests we receive (and we know you may approach other rescues) we ask you keep in touch every two months if you still need our help by emailing If we have not offered a place and not heard from you after three months we will remove the details from our waiting list.


Initial Rehoming Request Online Form


On rare occasions, due to the nature of the problem you have with the dog we may ask if you would bring the dog to our centre to be assessed before we can commit to taking the dog. We need to be confident that we can not only rehome the dog but that our staff will not be put at risk by a very aggressive dog. At the same time it may be possible to offer advice on how best to tackle the problems.

Finally, do please consider that when you bring the dog to us you do relinquish ownership. You may well have feelings of guilt and regret and from time to time people contact us wanting their dog back. If there are genuine reasons why you can no longer care for the dog and you are unable to change the reasons for rehoming then it is in your best interests and the dogs to allow us to find the dog a new home. Once the dog has been rehomed it is important to remember you cannot change your mind.

Of course if at any time whilst you are waiting for a place or when a place is offered you decide not to rehome your dog we do understand - all we ask is that you let us know. It can be frustrating when places are offered and arrangements made for dogs to be admitted and then people do not turn up or let us know. In fairness to other owners who need our help desperately - please do let us know.

We understand how upsetting this can be for all the family, especially if children are involved but if you feel you have no alternative but to rehome your dog then you can at least take comfort that you have done the best you can by placing him or her in our care.

Whilst we do let any previous owner know when the dog is rehomed we do not pass details of a new owner on as this can cause difficulties for all parties as well as the restrictions placed on us by data protection legislation. Trust policy does not allow us to pass information between owners, even with permission. We will of course be happy to let you know how a dog has settled into their new home but we cannot pass letters etc between owners

If you have any worries or concerns about rehoming your collie - please ask.
We do understand this decision is never easy and will do all we can to help you and your dog. 

Finally, a reminder - like most rescues we are experiencing high numbers of requests for help, especially with dogs with behavioural and/or medical issues and we know that many people are looking at various options for rehoming. If we have not been in touch with you to discuss after two months please email if you are still looking for help. If we do not hear otherwise, we will delete details after three months.