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09024 The Kingom Of Scent Book 207 x 300

The Kingdom Of Scent by Anne Lill Kvam. Enjoyable activities using your dog's natural instincts. Teaching your dog games using scent to fufill natural instincts and mental stimulation.


The Kingdom Of Scent


Over The Hills Book 188 x 300

The escapades and winning ways of Harford Logan and his border collies as told to his daughter Joanne McHardy

 Harford has spent a lifetime working in partnership with his Border Collies – In this book he candidly shares some of his magic - how he chooses his dogs, finds a way to communicate with them and be the handler which a dog of that quality deserves.On the way he introduces us to the characters and lifestyle of the farming world he grew up in during 1940s Ireland,

Over The Hills


  09021 and 09022 Shogun Books 300 x 202

Shogun the sheepdog children's story books by Rhodri Lloyd.

After saying goodbye to his beloved companion Shogun Rhodri decided during lockdown to write two childrens books in memory of Shogun. Shogun the sheepdog and the black and white sheep and Shogun the sheep dog learns Karate

Shogun The Sheepdog Story Book


09019 Millie finds a Feather 293 x 300

A children's story book by Judith Ellis first in a series of 'Millie Finds' books. The personality and comical behaviour of Millie and some of the family pets they enjoyed whilst her daughters were growing up inspired Judith to write Millie Finds A Feather story.

Millie Finds A Feather




09023 Moss Glen 300 x 210

The adventures of Moss & Gwen - In search of a miracle by Roger & Lesley Payne owneres of Baavet Ltd- Pure Wool Bedding.

A childs bedtime story book where Moss & Gwen go on an adventure similar to that of  Dorothy & Toto's

Adventures of Moss & Gwen


   Collie book 3 cover 230 x 300

The third book in Carol Price's  Border Collies A breed apart trilogy looks at behavioural issues, a  insight into what makes collies do what they do, and solutions. The book also features a special 'sensory detox' programme for calming stressed out dogs.

Border Collies A Breed Apart Book Three Behaviour Insights Issues and Solutions by Carol Price

  09014 Border Collies One Greyscale Colouring Book 235 x 300

Colouring Book Featuring original artwork by Susan Alison. Border Collies One Grey Scale! A4 size colouring book for dog lovers.

Border Collies Greyscale Colouring Book

09015 Essential Life Skills Book original 223 x 300

Following on from the first book in Carol Price's acclaimed Breed Apart trilogy Secrets of the Working Mind, the author now focuses on the Collie learning process.

Border Collies A Breed Apart Book Two Essential Life Skills by Carol Price (£29.99)


  Jesse Book 209 x 300

A fasinating and moving story about how one dog can change your life but also demostrates the unique character that is the Border Collie.It reflects on how much humans can learn from dogs' loyalty, ability to live in the moment and the willingness to forgive.


09013 Working Mind One 226 x 300

In the first book in the series, Secrets of The Working Mind, Border Collie expert Carol Price, focuses on the breed's heritage; on the legendary early dogs who shaped the modern Border Collie's identity and also gave him the mind that is, in many ways autistic in design. She explores what working instinct really is in the Border Collies and how the traits that go with it explain many other aspects of the psychology and behaviour.

Secrets Of The Working Mind Book One by Carol Price

09000 Colouring book 227 x 300

Colouring Book Featuring original artwork by Susan Alison.Brilliant Border Collies! A4 size colouring book is a book for dog lovers.

Brilliant Collies Colouring Book

00552 What Do I Do When My Dog Pulls

What Do I Do When My Dog Pulls?

09011 Collie Psychology 300x300

Border Collie expert Carol Price, who has spent a lifetime working with the breed. gives a new insight into how the collie thinks. how he reacts, and how to fine-tune his marvellous mind.

Collie Psychology Inside The Border Collie Mind by Carol Price

00170 Walking The Dog Book 215 x 300

A handy guide to short walks within 5 miles of UK motorway exits, with dog-friendly pubs and cafes on the walk.


Walking The Dog (£2.00)

00173 Walks In Shakespear Country 213 x 300

24 walks which explore the finest countryside near Stratford-upon-Avon. Walks are suitable for all abilities and distances vary from 3 to 6 miles. Including dog friendly rural inns and cafes. 


24 Walks In Shakespeare Country (£2.99)

00172 20 Short Walks 216 x 300

A handy guide to good walk places for drivers, families and the dog within easy driving distance of Calais, includes some extraordinary and dog friendly visitor attractions.


20 Short Walks in Calais (£1.99)

00780 Doggerel original 194 x 300



Doggerel (£3.99)

00553 Understanding The Silent Communication Of Dogs 207 x 300

Rosie Lowry poignantly shares her insight into communication and behaviour in both human and canine relationships - Sheila Harper
Understanding The Silent Communication Of Dogs



On Talking Terms book 00551
On Talking Terms With Dogs

09009 Pets On Parade 197 x 300



Pets On Parade