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There are 24,901 miles to walk around the World and we are really excited for you all to achieve this together in 2021!
As a combined challenge, you can walk as many or as few sponsored miles with your dog as often as you like for £1 per mile (You can be sponsored for higher amounts of course). This will be a wonderfully shared experience as we will be able to see the miles adding up along with the sponsorship donations.
Anyone can take part – even if you only walk one mile, you will have contributed and will be part of a magnificent huge achievement.
You can join our "Walkies Around The World" Facebook Group where you can share your photos and experiences, joining a very special community.
To enter, sign up to our "Walkies Around The World" sponsorship page where you can run your own sponsorship section and be guided through your contribution. To join just click this link .
If you use Strava you can record your miles walked as your own contribuition to the total on your own fundraising page on GIvePenny. Otherwise please email either once a month or at the end of your own personal challenge so that we have a running total of miles walked.
What an amazing way to start 2021 in so many ways, your dog will love the walk, you'll keep fit, you will be participating in a massive Great British event and raising money...Everyone wins!
More information will all be available on the "Walkies Around The World" fundraising page