Because we have visitors from all over the UK we have to accept that for some customers, travelling between 100 and 200 miles 2 or 3 times is difficult. Therefore our procedures have been geared to ensure that although we will rehome a dog on the same day (as long as there are no specific reasons not to - such as the time the dog has been with us, a dog on medication or due to see our Vet) we do our very best to make sure the dog is suitable for you and your circumstances. You are under no pressure to rush the process and we often have people at the centre for 2 hours or more. This is an important decision and not to be rushed by either you or our staff. We will reserve a dog for a few days if you wish to consider further or need to make arrangements or preparations for your new dog. Do consider how you will transport the dog home. The dog may be nervous and certainly stressed with "new" people. We recommend always carrying dogs in a vehicle behind a secure dog guard or in a dog crate. Some female dogs may have to be neutered before they can be rehomed but you can of course meet them and reserve