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I cannot remember a time when one or two dogs were not part of my family.  From Heinz 57 to pedigree breeds and of course rescue dogs.  Living in South London, the dogs always gave me a valid reason to escape to more rural areas.  I love walking - and dogs are such good company.

Back in early 2003, I was introduced by a colleague to the Border Collie Trust GB when I was looking for a worthy successor to Buster our Rough Collie who had just died.  My wife and I drove up to The Rescue Centre in Rugeley and fell in love with Ozzie, our first border collie who was around six months old.  He was perfect for us, great fun and could not have been better company.  Following his sad death, we returned to Rugeley earlier this year and now have a completely different border collie – Benny.  Although he had a few issues he is now a well-established part of the “Huggett” family. 

Just after my retirement I noticed in the Border Collie magazine that there could be a vacancy for a Trustee and I immediately spoke with Ben Wilkes to offer my services.  Luckily for me the Board decided to accept me as a Trustee in May this year.