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Hello All

Back in 1977 having a young family & wife, a friend of the family breeding from her bitch, offered us a puppy. I said NO WAY! But under family pressure I gave in and Bill became a member of our family. He was the first of our four border collies to date. Me now being the biggest fan. In the late 1980`s following a chance meeting with Jenny Booth I found out about Border Collie rehoming. It also started my wife and myself helping raising funds for the dogs.

After the sad loss of Bill in 1990 we lasted 7 days without a dog, turning to the Trust for our next dog Winston 6 months old and never been out of a veranda. With love and patience he turned into a devoted dog who was always at my side. At the same time my wife fell in love with a border terrier Buffy who lived through half of Bills time with us and even outlived Winston. When we lost Winston in 2003 we thought it would not be fair to bring another dog into the home as Buffy by now was both blind and deaf, sadly she only lived a further 6 months after her soul mate died. Once again we turned to the Trust for another dog.

By now with the family grown up we decided to have a puppy, Smokie joined us from a litter which had come from another rescue. What a shock to the system, you forget over time how demanding a puppy can be. This however did not put us off and one year later we had another puppy Echo, unknown to us at the time the noisiest pup of the litter. As Ben Wilkes later said - the clue was in her name. A few months later we rehomed a border terrier called Tiggy. We all get on very well together most of the time, enjoying seaside holidays and camping together. If you see me about come and talk to me. I love nothing more than talking about dogs!!