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As you might have guessed I'm Bens wife and became a Trustee in 2006. I have of course been involved with the Trust since we adopted our collie cross, Taffy in 1996. Although I have a "proper" job I helped at Crufts and other fundraising efforts. In 2003 Ben and I moved into the house at the rescue centre and spent the next couple of years busily decorating and at times renovating - but that's a long story!! Suffice to say the house is now comfortable and living in such a rural setting is very relaxing, when we get the chance. Whilst I am at work during the week I enjoy calling into the kennels on arriving home and meeting the new arrivals and some of those dogs who have been here longer. In addition I'm often called on to scramble some eggs or find something mouth watering for a dog who is off their food so it's a good job I keep plenty of eggs and chicken/liver/kidneys for such occasions. In 2006 I was invited to become a Trustee and enjoy being part of the team who have responsibility for the running of the charity. I'm well aware of the wonderful support so many people give to help us care for collies in need and we are all extremely grateful - thank you Sue