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Sponsor dogs are indeed special dogs in the work carried out by the Trust. These dogs will, for many reasons, be with the Trust for the rest of their lives, We make every effort to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as possible whether they remain at the Trusts kennels or looked after in special foster homes (we are extremely grateful to the time and effort our foster carers devote to these dogs). The Trust meets all medical bills and any other expenses such as special dietary needs for all sponsor dogs. Of course as these dogs get older (many are indeed in that category when they first come to us) their Vets fees increase and the funds raised from those who sponsor dogs are an extremely valuable source of income to the Trust.

To sponsor a dog you agree to donate a minimum of £5 per month or £60 a year for a particular dog of you choice. In return you will receive a photo, twice yearly newsletter with an update on "your" dog and our quarterly magazine Border Collie World

To sponsor a dog by Direct Debit please click the link below

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Hobbies - Being a favourite with staff and keeping an eye out for things that move!!


Hobbies - Cuddles, treats and lots of fuss