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Fund raising is vital to the work of The Trust. We are extremely grateful for the many ways supporters raise funds for us to supplement the donations, sponsorships etc. In addition we organise fund raising events ourselves and here you will find mention of ideas for fund raising, details of events in the future including those Dog shows at which you can find a Border Collie Trust GB stand to purchase goodies and obtain information on our work.

As individuals there are many ways you can help the The Trust raise much needed funds, here's just a few examples:-

There are a growing number of companies offering goods and services who then donate a percentage to The Trust - for more information visit Business Supporters

Join or promote our Weather Lottery amongst family, friends and work colleagues.

Send us your old and unused mobile phones, old (not compatible ones though) printer cartridges and toners, CD's, DVD's and games (please read the following) which we can recycle and earn funds for our work.

Hold/attend a Car Boot Sale, Coffee Morning, Garage Sale, Bazaar etc or collect items suitable for us to sell at Car Boots sales.

"Whiskey Bottle" - collect your small change with family and friends

Place a BCTGB collecting box at your local Vet,shops or workplace.

Hold a Car Wash at perhaps a local Supermarket (with their permission of course)

Sponsored event - the choice is endless

Purchase one of our Car stickers and display in your car - raising the awareness of our existance

Sell from a Card and Gift Catalogue to raise funds

Consider making a Donation For A Gift where donations are made instead of presents

If you intend to carry out any fund raising please let us know - we may be able to help with advice and promotion through the Border Collie World magazine and of course here on the website. Telephone the office on 0189 577058 or email us

For our Fundraising Promise - click here


Instructions for CD's, DVD's & Games. In order that we can recycle with our service provider the following points are important
1. The disk must be in the right case.
2. The disk must NOT be a copy or pirate disk.
3. The disk must NOT be cracked or have dents, deep scratches or other serious damage to it.
(light surface scratches are usually accepted)
4. All the original packaging must be present (including the artwork and booklet where relevant)
5. The cover, the disc artwork and/or the sleeve notes are not defaced in any way.
6. The packaging must be in good condition. Cases may have light scratches, but booklets and artwork need to be free from tears, stickers and other major blemishes.
8. Any Game that does not have all the original instruction booklets in addition to the original art work