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1 300 x 225                                                                                  

We are inviting entries for our 2019 Christmas card  and 2020 Calendar photography competition. The winning images will feature on our unique Christmas cards (6 different photos) and 13 photos will be selected for our calendar.                                                                                                                                                 

You can enter both competitions together but please indicate which photograph you are submitting for which competition.       

5 300 x 213


4 300 x 185


We are looking for all sorts of interesting photos of your Border Collies. Images can be submitted as a printed photo or sent by email, but to be included in the calendar they must be supplied in landscape format. Images need to be of a good resolution, digital format at 300(dpi) is required for final print.


When entering images by email ensure the images are clearly marked with your details and your dog(s) name. Entrance fee can be posted or payment can made online through PayPal. Payment to - marked Photo Comp


2 300 x 283

9 225 x 300 Anyone can enter and photos will not necessarily be judged on their technical merit. We are trying to capture the fun and enjoyment that caring for a Border Collie provides.  


Please send your photo(s) and your details and £1 entry fee per photo (cheques made payable to Border Collie Trust) to:

Border Collie Trust GB,  Heathway Colton, Rugeley, WS15 3LY. 

Email photos to:


8300 x 199

10 300 x 215 Unfortunately we are unable to return your photos.  By entering you agree to allow us to use the photo to promote the work of the Trust. If you would prefer us not to use the photo(s) for any other purpose than the compitition please notify us accordingly. Judges decision will be final.