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Coronavirus and BCTGB - updated 25th March 2020

Following the restrictions placed on the UK we do not anticipate being open to visitors until 14th April at the earliest  We are unable to reserve any dogs at this time. We are also getting lots of requests by email, phone, social media to be personally notified when we are open again, we hope you can appreciate the difficulty. Please keep an eye on this page and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media which will be updated the moment we would love to have you visit.

All official advice from the UK Government can be found here

In light of the changing situation and advice we are constantly reviewing our situation and this page will reflect the most up to date information. Please feel free to call us to discuss of course. Any measures we introduce is to protect our staff, the general public, the welfare of the dogs in our care and the overall economic and business health of Border Collie Trust GB.

Your Support - as with all charities and indeed businesses there is no doubt we will be affected personally, emotionally and certainly financially. We appreciate everyone will find the next few weeks challenging but any donation towards our work has never been so important and you can donate by clicking here.

We will continue to stock our eBay "shop" so you can always support us in that way, you can find our current listings here

We may all be doing lots of shopping online so don't forget Give as you Live and Amazon Smile. Any purchases through those sites raise money for us, at no cost to you.

Your support morally through social media is also important, please keep posting positive messages. It really does help us. Thank you

1. Adoption of a collie - Following the increased restrictions on movement we have now taken a decision to stop any rehomings to protect our ability to care for the dogs currently in our care and to protect our staff. Please DO NOT visit the centre. We will update this page and social media when we feel it is appropriate to open again. 

2. Rehoming your collie - again, in view of the situation our rehoming has now stopped and therefore the abiity to offer places will be affected. We will continue to offer support with advice by phone and help in offering places in an emergency.

3. Volunteers - we appreciate the support of volunteers, however, at present we are cancelling any future volunteer inductions and asking all volunteers NOT to visit the centre as they would normally do. If you would be prepared to assist in the event of staff sickness we would appreciate that support. Please email or call the office on 01889 577058.

4. Staffing - we intend to reduce our daily staffing to "minimum level" and split our colleagues into teams who will always work together, thereby reducing the contact between all staff and hopefully ensuring our ability to provide the level of care to our dogs.

5. Boarding - We have now closed our boarding kennels.

6. General Visiting - we do often receive visits from owners coming back to see us, supporters dropping off food, blankets etc. We do appreciate and indeed look forward to these visits. In view of the current advice, please DO NOT visit.

7. Mail Orders - we really value the support from mail orders, our ability to fulfill them during the current restrictions is now impossible. Please come back to us soon but if you do wish to place an order, thank you. We will complete it as soon as things start to improve.

We're sure things will change and evolve as time goes by - please check back here for updates or of course call us on 01889 577058 or email